Who Ya Gonna Trust?

Trust your instinct?…maybe.  And right now I’m not talking about who to trust to make your custom jewelry.  Let’s assume that you’ve already found someone, or a company, that will communicate well, and will complete your project in a timely manner at a fair price.  You have started a project with someone that embodies professionalism.

The next phase will likely be for the designer to show you a rendering of one, or several design options.  This is a great time to offer constructive feedback!  Your new piece should reflect both your aesthetic desire and also utilize the expertise of the designer.  This collaboration should result in making your piece unique and insure that it is made with integrity.

“Trust Me”, She Says…

And so you have worked with your jewelry designer, and you have just approved a final version of your new piece of jewelry.  It’s off to production. You are getting a haircut and just can’t wait to show off the new piece so you break out your phone and show your hairdresser, the confidant that you tell “everything”!

“Oh no!”, she says, “That isn’t right for your finger shape.”  (or size, or something…anything to let you know that she really knows what’s best for you.)  In a semi-panic you fire off a text to the designer, “we have to make some changes.”

"Trust me", she says.

The text…


Professionalism and Trust

Prior to sending that text would be a good time to remember that you interviewed a bunch of designers and finally found one that you just knew that you could work with.  And remember that the professionalism he or she embodied are those characteristics that made you choose him or her.   That professionalism likely carries through to making sure that you won’t make a huge mistake in approving a random design.  Think about it this way; your designer’s reputation is on the line with everything she lets out of her shop!

Turn it around for a moment and think whether you would send your lawyer a panic text saying, “Hey Paul, my hairdresser just reviewed your brief and we have to make some changes!”  Seems pretty silly, right?  There’s a good chance your jewelry designer has at least as much, if not more time, in his or her profession than your lawyer…



Too Many Cooks

It’s a fairly common problem we all have.  In seeking out approval from our friends, or just sharing good news, it is easy to run into some among them that will try to convince you that they know what is best for you. It’s almost always well-meaning.  And in some cases, they may in fact be right!  I  always take into consideration advice from people I know, solicited or not.  And then I balance that with what I know about myself, and the situation I’ve shared that they don’t know.  Too many cooks in the kitchen can make for a lousy stew a lot of the time.

A website called Show Me Strength puts it another way with regard to the topic of weight training…

“To put it in its simplest form, and stick to the original analogy, its not hard for a single chef to boil a pot of water: it becomes tough when fifteen chefs have to boil one pot of water and every one of them has a different method for boiling water, a different trick to speed up the process, and so on.


Don’t suffer from program ADD

In short, you need to be careful who you listen to.  In the age of the internet and commercial gyms, there is no shortage of weight-training advice, and certainly no shortage of bad weight-training advice.  Just because that guy in your gym has huge biceps doesn’t mean what he says should have any bearing on your training.  Chances are, he is not an expert on building rotational core strength or optimizing the timing of your rotator cuff.”

The above quote was taken directly from their website and I love the graphic they used! I also love their tag-line…”RUTHLESSLY IMPROVING LIVES”.

Gary Dawson Designs has over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience.  We won’t let you down. And we won’t tell your hairdresser how to do your hair!  🙂


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