A Time for Reflection, the Bench Alter

Sundays are a time for reflection and contemplation.  Even if one finds oneself in their workshop planning the next week of production, the tone of an otherwise lazy Sunday brings a thoughtful mood.  This past Sunday, as I was tinkering in my shop, my eyes landed on my bench alter. I’m not conventionally religious, more of an animist, or Buddhist, if anything, so I do have a small collection of things meaningful to me presiding over my workbench.  Must be a human need.

Bench Alter

Bench Alter

Mortui Vivis Praecipant…

…stuck with me after I made a custom ring, a band with those words around it, for a forensic expert that left our town of Eugene, OR for a time to help in New Orleans after the Katrina disaster.  The words are in Latin, and translate as “Let the Living Learn from the Dead”.  If you search that phrase, you will find several stories about Katrina.   And so that goes…I don’t dwell on the potential morbidity of that phrase, but see the complete wisdom of learning from our mistakes.  Both in the broader aspects of life, and in the workshop!

Make Your Own World

It seems for me, some of the best gifts pop up out of nowhere.  And usually just at the right time if you think about it.  I found (it was a “ground score”) the “Make Your Own World” button sometime shortly after I began making jewelry, over 40 years ago. I think it helped to inspire me to start my business, rather than pursue a job with someone else.  Woodstock had come and gone by then, but the US was then still reaching for a new era, redefining many aspects of our culture.  Seemingly, much of the impetus for real change has now been co-opted for that new I-phone…or whatever.

Anarchism for me, by the way, has nothing to do with riots or breaking windows, and everything to do with being as independent and self-sufficient as is possible in today’s world. Check out the link above for a good overview of its true meaning on Wikipedia.  So this button remains a reminder to me to stay strong and not allow myself to be too caught up in the acquisition of things that, in the long run, probably don’t matter too much.

There are other things on my bench that have similar purpose.  The little frog my son gave me, a note from my daughter.  I look at them and smile…

Your Own Symbolic Journey!

Wonder Woman Tiara Ring

Wonder Woman Tiara Ring

You too have things that are meaningful to you, something that symbolizes what you believe in, or what and who you love. Through the magic of Custom Jewelry Design, it’s possible to memorialize an idea, a moment, or a love in a physical object.  Many people do that by way of a wedding ring, or some form of commitment jewelry.  Ring us up here at Gary Dawson Designs (541-729-2531) and let us turn your symbolic theme into something you can wear to show the world.  We love doing custom design! You can also use our convenient Contact Form to start your project today!

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