Soft Square Ring Shape

I love this ring’s overall shape for its grace, comfort and practicality.  I wear a soft square ring!

Infinity ring in a soft square ring shape

Infinity All Around Ring in 14K Yellow Gold. Soft Square shank for comfort!

If you can turn your hand so you can see a finger end-on, you will see that you finger is not round, but more a square shape with rounded corners. Hence the soft square ring.

This ring style will fit the contours of most fingers perfectly. Some people who have never worn a ring before find round rings somewhat annoying at first as the ring rubs on adjoining fingers.  The soft square ring shank alleviates that pressure on adjoining fingers.  Also, the soft square shape of the ring will tend to prevent the ring from rolling on the finger. This is important in a ring with a somewhat heavier top or even a band with a design element that wants to be on top all the time.


Video describing the soft square ring shape…


There are a few designs in my catalog utilizing the soft square shape, the Interstellar Portal ring for example.  And the Matrix ring.  There are others…

And I often use this style when designing special rings for my custom design clients.  The header photo on this post is one example of a recent custom project, a wedding ring for a fisherman.


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