Push Ring or Anniversary Ring


This push, or anniversary ring contains .35 TW of fine diamonds, SI1 or better and F-G in color.  It makes any celebration special, from anniversary, to birth to just a nice stackable ring.



This ring, with 7 equally spaced diamonds can make the perfect ring to celebrate an anniversary, or in the case of the first one I  have made, a “push ring”, to celebrate a birth.

Seven is special.  Apparently the number 7 is one of the most magical and holy numbers, and has been revered in ancient pagan religions throughout the world. It recurs in religious texts as a special number, but why? Firstly, it has some very mundane uses and although it is a prime number and not particularly useful as a factor, the Babylonians, who otherwise adored factor-able numbers, divided weeks into 7 days. This was because it was in simplistic accordance with time intervals between phases of the moon. As the calendar (and cyclic events) has always been an essential part of organized religion, this division into 7 was something that religious authors felt the need to explain in cosmic and supernatural terms and such lunar symbology formed a key part of pagan lore. The historian Fara notes that “it’s only a short step from being a special number to becoming a magical one” and such a simple division gave the number 7 astro-theological significance, noted far and wide as a religious number by those who like to give enhanced meaning to the vagaries of the natural world.


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