Pearl Cup Earrings


These Pearl Cup Earrings are the perfect choice for daytime jeans, or worktime slacks!



I make my own alloys here at Gary Dawson Designs and when I do it involves adding the various metals in their correct ratios, (usually gold, silver and copper for most gold alloys) to a crucible and melting them all together.  When they are blended I pour the molten mixture into a cold water bath to form what is called casting shot.  Most of the time the casting shot is made up of small, fairly uniform solid pieces.  Sometimes, when the conditions are just right, I get a form like what you seen here as the metal parts of these earrings.  You will note that the two parts to the pair are not exactly alike.  For many years I would just wait until this happened and then save them aside until I could match up two for earrings.  As the earrings became more popular, I decided to save the two most interesting shapes I could find and make a mold from them so I could consistently reproduce the earrings.

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