Ham Radio Call Sign Lapel or Hat Pin


As a newly licensed Ham Radio operator, I’m excited to present these new pins, customized with your call sign, superimposed on the schematic for antenna.

Great for your lapel, hat, or really any place you’d like to subtly display your favorite hobby!

Simply put your Call in the “Notes” during check out! It will take us about two weeks to produce your pin!



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I must have been about 15 years old and my older brother had recently joined the Seabees, the US Navy construction battalion.  He was stationed in the Antarctic.  I missed him.  My mom and I were visiting with some friends in our home when the phone rang.  A strange voice came on and said he was a Ham radio operator, calling from Florida as I recall, and said he had my brother on the other end with the Antarctic amateur radio station.  What a thrill to talk to my brother at the end of the world, from our very rural home in Southern Oregon. From that time on I thought that I’d like to participate in this magic!  And now I have tested into the system!  I’m proud to be a Ham!

Ham Radio, Always There!

If or when other communications fail, Ham Radio will be there.  Often the first to arrive in natural disaster situations where infrastructure is widely damaged, Ham Radio operators are quick to volunteer their service.

From Wikipedia…

“The amateur radio service (amateur service and amateur-satellite service) is established by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) through the Radio Regulations. National governments regulate technical and operational characteristics of transmissions and issue individual stations licenses with an identifying call sign. Prospective amateur operators are tested for their understanding of key concepts in electronics and the host government’s radio regulations. Radio amateurs use a variety of voice, text, image, and data communications modes and have access to frequency allocations throughout the RF spectrum to enable communication across a city, region, country, continent, the world, or even into space.”

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