Custom Family Crest or Symbolic Ring


What is most meaningful to you?  Family? A Place? Your beloved pet?  Let us make you a custom ring to tell part of your story to the world as part of your personal brand. We can make a custom ring from your family crest, a travel photo or just about anything you might imagine.  Commit now on this product page and include as much info as you can as you check out.  We will contact you rapidly to help figure out details of your project and adjust pricing as necessary!  Thank you for considering.


Almost everyone has something that is very meaningful to them.  What statement should the ring you wear make?  Why let a generic ring be your statement when you can have your family crest, special symbol, or an interesting design enhance your personal brand?  A custom ring by Gary Dawson Designs can be the perfect accessory to make your outfit complete.  From rustic Country Western to post modern and anything in-between, make the jewelry your wear tell a story about you.

Family Crest in Any Material

Of course we can make a statement ring for you in any precious metal, and include gemstones.  Contact us for a complete list of possibilities.  Bear in mind that not all geometries can be produced in every material and we can help you decide which material might be best for your specially designed ring.

Variable Pricing…

I’ve set the price here in the catalog at US$1,200 but price can vary by size and complexity.  The $1,200 price reflects a design fee only of moderate complexity such as the family crest ring shown as the product image. If you wish to have it made in Sterling Silver materials would be included in that fee.   Call or email today!  You can use our convenient, no obligation contact form to request info, just include as may specifics as you can think of and we can take it from there.


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