Soft Crown Ring with Marquise Diamond


A new design we’re calling the “Soft Crown Ring” for the soft beads that seem to embrace and envelop the center gem in the form of a futuristic crown or tiara.  The marquise diamond is perfectly suited for our 14K rose gold alloy!


We are calling this new ring design the “Soft Crown Ring” because of the soft, cloud-like beads which embrace the gem, making a crown form.  And in the popular rose gold 14K alloy with a stunning marquise diamond the design really stands out as a fun yet elegant statement.

The Marquise Diamond…

…is a  .29 Ct. SI2-H color which compliments the rose gold perfectly.  Its dimensions are 6.5 x 3.5 mm

The Crown Ring

How can a ring be both delicate and bold?  This ring is softly cloud-like in its aspect, and delicate of appearance. And this ring also looks very much like a crown or tiara, the bold statement of leadership and royalty.

This ring as pictured is a size 5 1/2.  And as nearly all of our designs, this ring can be sized with no extra cost.  It can also be scaled to accommodate a larger gem and of course we can use nearly any type of gem material to create your custom version.  Just use our convenient contact form to inquire about your perfect Cloud Crown Ring!


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