Affirmation Ring


Every Day In Every Way I Get Better & Better. Buy an affirmation ring and help to buy rice for needy families in Vietnam!



Every Day In Every Way I Get Better & Better ~ Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie

This ring was inspired by something I encountered while visiting Vietnam to help a manufacturer with 3DPrinting.   The manufacturing facility in which I worked for a few days was owned and operated by Liem, to my left in the gallery photo, and designed by Hung, the fellow two from my right. Liem manufactures a version of Buddhist meditation rings which one can rotate the center around the outside of the ring in the manner of a prayer or meditation wheel. He donates them to his temple so that people can use them for meditation and offering. Inspired by the concept, I made one with an affirmation…”Every Day In Every Way I Get Better & Better” …for a member of my family. Now I will offer my version of this ring for sale, with $5 of each sale going to buy rice for needy families in Vietnam. The rice will be purchased and distributed on lunar calendar dates 1/15, 7/15 and 10/15 (These dates are important in Buddhism) by my friends in Vietnam directly to families known to them. Knowing these people personally, I trust this process more than donating through a charity that I know nothing about. 

I make this ring in a few sizes only at this time.

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