Passion for All Projects and Being Passionate

I’m a screamer.  Well, maybe yeller is more accurate.  But I have passion about every project that I do and sometimes it comes out in the process!

This past weekend, we (mostly I but with critical intermittent help) installed the last major component in a bathroom remodel that has taken about three months of Sundays to complete, maybe more.  Not that all that time was spent working.  I think it took most of a month after everything else was finished to get the beautiful wooden countertop made.  This was after we finally decided on something that a) we liked and b) we could afford.

I used to yell occasionally when I was learning to make jewelry, when solder wouldn’t flow, when I inadvertently melted something I was trying to solder, when I burnt myself…

Yes, that happens.

Handyman Passion

I like to consider myself “handy”.  What that really means is that I’m too stubborn to hire competent help with household projects, or maybe too cheap. I gleefully embark on a project, not really knowing how to do all the steps, but confident that I can learn along the way.  Thank Buddha for YouTube, right?

Handyman Passion before bathroom remodel.


Handyman Passion project bathroom remodel

After! 🙂

Something I’ve often said in discussions about “what is art” is that a plumber who can create a water delivery (and drain) system with no leaks is an artist. So yesterday, after spending a full day on a job that I thought was at most a half-day project, I was an artist. We were artists! Persistence on my part, and tolerance and help on the part of my spouse won the day.  But not until sufficient yelling had taken place…Um, I mean, once we got passion for the project!

“This shit is so poorly engineered”, he yells…” Agghhhhh, poorly engineered!”

If you’ve ever worked under a small bathroom sink, on your back, trying to connect a delicate water management system with tools more suitable for either jewelry making or building demolition, you know what I mean.

After looking at the instructions though, it went fairly well.

Handyman passion plumbing art

Successful plumbing is definitely art too!

Fortunately, with over 40 years of designing and making jewelry nearly every day, I tend not to scream much when I’m doing my jewelry art.  But the passion remains…I yell loudly, “Fresh Jewelry” when a project is complete.

Speaking of fresh jewelry, I’d love to work with you on a fantastic piece of custom wearable art.  Jewelry is a statement, part of the “personal brand” for which you have passion.  It takes passion to conceive and execute these things, and I promise not to yell.


Art Nouveau Drop Earrings created with passion!

Art Nouveau drop earrings created with Passion!

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