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Jewelry Care and Maintenance: Part One

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Wear is Normal One thing that defines jewelry is that it is worn as personal adornment.  On the body, or close to the body on clothing, it encounters nearly everything in your environment and like you, sometimes takes a beating. Both the metals and the gems in your jewelry are effected by wear.  All jewelry contacts clothing and/or skin. Rings and bracelets contact, and are effected by, many more things. Also, the precious metals .

Soft Square Ring Shape

Custom ring featuring a soft square ring shape.
I love this ring’s overall shape for its grace, comfort and practicality.  I wear a soft square ring! If you can turn your hand so you can see a finger end-on, you will see that you finger is not round, but more a square shape with rounded corners. Hence the soft square ring. This ring style will fit the contours of most fingers perfectly. Some people who have never worn a ring before find round .

Sustainable and Ethical Bling, Moissanite

Loose Moissanite in a 7.0 mm cushion cut
We have recently fielded many recent requests about, and have completed several projects using Moissanite, a white gem that is both sustainable and ethical. Accordingly, we are now proud to announce our affiliation with the Supernova Moissanite brand and our dealership status. What is Moissanite? Moissanite is a variety of silicon carbide, the second hardest natural mineral.  As a gemstone it is an exceptionally brilliant alternative to diamond that does not involve destructive extractive .

Jewelry Customization: The Service and Practice

Recently completed jewelry customization project, a bracelet made using black druzy agate and garnets in 14K yellow gold.
I was recently referenced in an article published by “Rapaport Magazine”, a subscription service specifically for the diamond trade.  It is an honor to be considered a voice of some authority in the field of jewelry customization. Not only is it my career, it is my love.   And I take that honor as a responsibility.  Both to my clients to be true to my vision of custom jewelry design (typically a full custom .

Thanksgiving in June? You Bet!

Is that a Gary Dawson Ring? Yes it is! Called Matrix and available by order here!
The 7 prolific Blueberry bushes at the Gary Dawson Designs studio are just beginning to ripen.  If these were wine grapes we’d call it veraison, but for our blueberries we call it Thanksgiving in June! We’ll be eating these for the next couple of months, first in handfuls right from the bush, and later in cobblers hot from the stove.  And there will be enough to freeze for eating in pies for Thanksgiving, and .

Jewelry Magic: Making Every Day Magical

There is a lot of magic in jewelry design and manufacture!
Magic in the Process I’ve been casting precious metals for over 40 years and have a deep understanding of how it works on levels mechanical, chemical, and metallurgical.   Metal density and flow temperatures, spruing and gating, I have even researched my own way to mix investment for optimal results with a variety of materials. And still, on a gut level, it remains something akin to magic. Transformational…literally. Earth, Fire, Water, Air…All present and necessary .

Passion for All Projects and Being Passionate

Art Nouveau Drop earrings with Kyanite
I’m a screamer.  Well, maybe yeller is more accurate.  But I have passion about every project that I do and sometimes it comes out in the process! This past weekend, we (mostly I but with critical intermittent help) installed the last major component in a bathroom remodel that has taken about three months of Sundays to complete, maybe more.  Not that all that time was spent working.  I think it took most of a month after .

Investment: Not Always About Money

My emotional investment in El Vado makes me want to dance!
Investment in Self During the morning break at the Santa Fe Symposium (SFS) yesterday, I made an investment in myself. I went out by the pool, took my shirt off and sat in the sun for a full half-hour.  Hard to give up the networking, every moment here is an opportunity to meet a new, or reunite with an old friend.  And SFS is populated by many of the most important people in the jewelry industry. .

Gary Speaks With Confidence about Design

Gary Speaks very clearly with this unique, custom pin made of 14K rose and yellow gold, diamond and sapphires.
Superstition? Nope, not me! Great.  If I were superstitious, I might be worried. Maybe I am a little.  Of course I am, really.  Gary speaks very soon…presenting my latest research paper at the Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology on the day targeted in the chart below, May 21st, next Sunday. Looks like the cards are stacked against me.  Wait, I’ll be at a spiritual high on that day…Yay!  Wait, I’m speaking to .

Gary Writes: Santa Fe Symposium 2017

Gary Writes at the 2013 Santa Fe Symposium.
In 2 weeks from today I leave for St. Louis, the first leg in my journey to present my latest paper for the Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology (SFS).  I’m leaving a couple days early to visit with my sister and family who happen to live in St. Louis and then will rendezvous with the rest of the speakers slated to present at the SFS.  The 3-day junket prior to symposium is designed .

Custom Confidential: Beginnings

Gary Dawson begins to reveal the stories of over 40 years of custom design...Custom Confidential!
I didn’t know it at the time but Custom Confidential was born on a hot summer day, long ago… Maybe I was a little drunk. I had been fabricating silver jewelry for a few years and decided to try my hand at fabrication in 14K gold.  Saving up, I finally had enough money to buy 6 inches of gold wire.   Using my best garnet, and putting extra effort into making it perfect, I made .