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Texture for Custom Design

Cañari/Inca ruin wall in Pumapungo and derived texture in Rhinoceros3D

I find inspiration for Custom Design everywhere.  Recently, while visiting Cuenca, Ecuador I became somewhat fascinated with the textures I began noticing.  Cobblestone streets, mud walls, lines in plaster and floral patterns.  It makes sense that I’m noticing these things since I’m continuing to perfect the creation of textures in my CAD designs.  CAD, and Rhino in particular are known to be a little challenging when it comes to the creation of organic forms and textures.  Possible, obviously, but a process that takes several thought-out steps to accomplish with any grace.  The picture above is a photo of a rock wall (muro de piedra) at a residence in which we stayed while in Cuenca and may become my next target for texturing into CAD!  The wall at the top of this page is part of the ruins of the Pumapungo complex which was thought to be the first habitation of the Cuenca area and may have been built as early as 2000 BCE, certainly no later than 500AD.  It makes an interesting and I think, thoughtful, addition to my growing collection of textures for use in Custom work.   Stay tuned here and on Gary Dawson Designs for updates to this and other fun Custom Design processes and ideas!

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