Thanksgiving in June? You Bet!

The 7 prolific Blueberry bushes at the Gary Dawson Designs studio are just beginning to ripen.  If these were wine grapes we’d call it veraison, but for our blueberries we call it Thanksgiving in June!

Is that a Gary Dawson Ring? Yes it is! Called Matrix and available by order here!

Is that a Gary Dawson Ring? Yes it is! Called Matrix and available by order here!

We’ll be eating these for the next couple of months, first in handfuls right from the bush, and later in cobblers hot from the stove.  And there will be enough to freeze for eating in pies for Thanksgiving, and smoothies for many winter mornings.  Talk about being thankful… This is one of our most grateful moments of the year!  Living in Oregon has its rewards.

Thanksgiving in June, But Christmas in July?

Well, sorta.  At least we start thinking about Christmas in July here at the studio.  We tend to get very busy in those few short months leading up to Christmas.  And for this reason, we are going to offer something special this year for our astute clients who can think ahead a little bit.  We will be offering a 15% discount for the Design & Production fee of any custom order, initiated by deposit, until the 15th of July.  This gives us ample time to work carefully with you to insure the perfect special gift.  And it takes the pressure off you since you will be secure in the knowledge that your custom work will be finished in plenty of time for the holiday!  Simply mention “Blueberriess” when you place your order to receive this discount!

Recently completed custom project, a bracelet made using black Druzy agate and garnets in 14K yellow gold.

Our custom fees vary by project. Generally, simpler projects carry a Design & Production fee of US$350, more complex designs typically start at US$750 and challenging designs can go much more than that.  So, your savings by thinking ahead this year will range from around $50 to as much as $400 or more.

Just about anything goes!

This year we have new services.  We take great pride in our standard process of “sole authorship”, meaning that we do everything on most precious metal projects, from concept, through casting, cleanup, gemstone setting…right down to final polish.  (Or texturing, if you prefer).  And now we have added to our repertoire, working with outside Additive Manufacturing facilities, such that we can produce 3D printed objects in many more materials.  From Stainless Steel to Porcelain, we can get it done for you.

Custom Belt Buckle in Stainless Steel

Custom Belt Buckle recently finished in Stainless Steel.

In those cases, we still perform the design work working as closely with you as we always have, but then send the CAD file out to be printed.

Start your project today! Contact us here.

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