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Value, Price and Peppers

Peppers provide value in my cooking!
We all want value for our hard-earned dollars. But just what is value?  I think many people equate price alone with value.  I’d like you to consider that those things are not always the same. Low Price Good Value Low price and value can exist together.  I shop at a small community market where I know I can trust the food.  They stock mostly organic and they label conspicuously.  One of the first places .

Jim Harrison, Pride, and Lasciviousness

Smith River in California
As I lay inside the bathroom vanity I watch intently as the first gallon or two of water flow into and out of the newly installed sink through Ikea-designed plumbing.  I smile as I observe myself taking a lot of pride in seeing no leaks and immediately wonder if Jim Harrison ever had prideful moments like that. Did Harrison, one of my favorite authors, ever install an Ikea sink?  And if he did, did .

Sole Authorship ~ Soul Authorship

sole authorship means doing all the work!
Throughout my entire 43 years as a jewelry designer and manufacturer, I’ve practiced a process called sole authorship.  This means that for nearly every piece of jewelry that I make, I solely perform every aspect of its creation, from concept to final finish.  In today’s world, this is mostly an anachronism. Even most handmade jewelry items are created in a collaborative process these days.  One person does the design, another person or another shop .

Get Your Fresh Custom Jewelry Today!

Fresh Jewelry!,” he yells to the street like a vegetable hawker in a residential Bangkok suburb as he turns the new ring with a cushion cut purple sapphire and diamond accents. Custom Jewelry a specialty, we welcome new clients!

This Trellis style ring was designed in Rhinoceros3D, printed and cast in 14K yellow gold.  Get with us to start your Custom Jewelry Design project today!

Custom Jewelry Design & Meaning

Platinum, Diamond and Ruby Custom Jewelry Design
Working on Custom Jewelry Design using big, important gemstones and setting them in high-end precious metals is a thrill.  I love the challenge of making the most of this type if material and a well-executed finished project of this type certainly makes a great addition to any portfolio.  I also love any project to which my client can bring meaning, no matter the intrinsic value of the materials.  I was recently working on just such .