Social Responsibility

hands-treeUsing a variety of approaches I make every effort to keep true to my ideals of social responsibility and ecological sustainability.

Specializing in sourcing and working with vintage diamonds for example not only minimizes earth impact, but I like the individuality of diamonds cut prior to the standardization of the round brilliant cut in 1920. They seem to have substantially more character than the more modern gems. The additional benefit is that utilizing these gems sidesteps entirely the issue of “conflict” or “conflict free”.

Recycling precious metal items is another example. Many of my clients seem to have old jewelry that can be utilized to both save on project costs and help minimize mining impact. And while direct recycling is not always practical, old gold can be recycled in a variety of ways. For example, yellow gold alloys cannot be directly recycled into white gold, or vice-versa. But I work closely with a very reputable refiner who specializes in small-batch refining such that they can take the gold out of your old jewelry and return those very same gold molecules to me to re-alloy into whatever color or karat that you wish. In that way, you can actually wear your grandmother’s gold in a way that suites your sense of style and aesthetics.

And though we do source materials worldwide, we do so as responsibly as possible and are sensitive to our clients in this regard with full disclosure of the sources of all of our materials.

Finally, since we do virtually all of our work in-studio, that we are conserving fuel resources by not having to move our work from shop to shop within our community or neighboring communities.

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