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  • Anniversary ring with diamonds can also be a wedding ring

    Anniversary Ring with Diamonds


    This ring  has .60 Ct. Total Weight of VS clarity and F color diamonds.  In this case, set in 14K White gold but can be modified.  You can order directly as it is, choose another color of gold alloy or contact us to modify it to your specific specifications!  Watch for Platinum to come soon!

  • Custom Belt Buckle in Stainless Steel

    Custom Belt Buckle


    Everybody wears a belt at some point!  Complete your outfit and enhance your personal brand with a Custom Belt Buckle from Gary Dawson Designs.  Contact us to start your project today!

  • Family Crest Ring, a full service custom jewelry project

    Custom Family Crest or Symbolic Ring


    What is most meaningful to you?  Family? A Place? Your beloved pet?  Let us make you a custom ring to tell part of your story to the world as part of your personal brand. We can make a custom ring from your family crest, a travel photo or just about anything you might imagine.  Commit now on this product page and include as much info as you can as you check out.  We will contact you rapidly to help figure out details of your project and adjust pricing as necessary!  Thank you for considering.

  • Janus Bracelet Custom Version in 18K Gold

    Janus Bracelet Custom Version


    Janus is one of my all-time most popular designs. To be able to offer the Janus bracelet as a customizable product at a reasonable price, I worked very hard to create a digital version of the charm using Computer Aided Design (CAD).  I think I have invested at least as much time creating this as the hand-carved version.  This allows me to personalize the pendant for you by adding the gemstone of your choice, initials, a short phrase or symbol.  Get the Janus juju in a personalized form!

  • Art Nouveau Drop Earrings created with passion!

    Nouveau Drop Earrings With Kyanite


    These brand new earrings have a cool striated blue gem called Kyanite! It is said to be one of the two minerals on the planet that neither accumulates nor retains negative energy, and therefore never needs cleansing.

  • Treble Clef Charm and Pendants cast in 14K yellow gold

    Treble Clef Pendant or Charm


    We make this classic Treble Clef for the discerning music lover!  We make it in three sizes, 23 x 9.5mm, 16 x 7mm and a size very suitable for a charm bracelet, 13 x 7.75mm.

  • Gull Ring Band in the shape of a flying seagull

    Gull Ring Inspires to Follow Your Heart


    Evocative of a seagull in flight, this simple ring, with its graceful curves makes a statement with or without the seagull connection. It can be combined with the ByPass ring to make a lovely two-ring wedding set.

  • 18K and Blue Sapphire Ring inspired by the Art Nouveau period. It is comprised of fluid design elements that embrace the gem.

    Nouveau Ring


    A Nouveau Ring that captures the fluid lines of the Art Nouveau period.  18K gold with Sapphire.