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  • Janus Bracelet Digital Version in 18K Gold

    Janus Bracelet Digital Version


    The Janus Bracelet is one of my all-time most popular designs. To be able to offer this as a modifiable product at a reasonable price, I worked very hard to create a digital version of the charm using Computer Aided Design (CAD).  I’m pretty sure I have more time in creating the digital version than I did doing the original carving.

  • 14K Janus Charm Bracelet

    Janus Bracelet Hand-Carved Version


    Recently popularized in the 2010 movie “The Tourist” our Janus charm remains a favorite item in the Gary Dawson Designs collection!  The Sterling Silver version price includes a traditional charm style bracelet of 7 1/4 inches and the 14K version price includes the bracelet depicted in the main product image. For other metal choices a bracelet must be selected as an additional product. We can also customize this charm with a gemstone on the back as in the movie, “The Tourist”!