Speak Up: Finding Your Voice As A Custom Jewelry Designer

Custom Jewelry Designer: Platinum Love Knot RingFor me, specializing as a custom jewelry designer has presented an interesting challenge with regard to finding a voice. As a custom jewelry designer, my style has always been necessarily eclectic. One client wants something floral and busy, while another wants something clean, simple, and bold. Yet another wants a ‘futuristic’ design, which is in contrast to the client who prefers something that looks antique or timeless. Finding a voice within the cacophony of client desires can be challenging. That said, I felt I had achieved one of sorts many years ago when clients began telling me they could recognize one of my rings when they saw it. I like to think that within many style types, I’ve achieved an elegance of execution that makes my work distinctive. The feedback and success with which I’ve been rewarded seem to confirm that premise.

Read the entire article that appeared in the July 2016 edition of Jewellery Business Magazine.

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