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Reams of Themes…thematic jewelry at Gary Dawson Designs

I think I mentioned this before but I really love my job.  Lots of great projects going on and there’s been an interesting focus lately on projects with specific meaningful themes.  This cross was completed as a Christmas present for one of our clients in Canada.  The back plate is Sterling Silver, the black metal is zirconium enhanced titanium, heat-stained black, and the front of the cross is 14K yellow gold.  Gems include bloodstone, .

It’s Cold Outside…But Warm in my Heart!

  For those of you that ever visited my old business in downtown Eugene or ever came out to my house, this will likely be sad news.  Kai Hasso passed away while in my arms this past Sunday.  He died of natural age-related causes, had a wonderful and full life as both the “Downtown Dog” that started the doggie-in-stores trend on Broadway, and my ever-present companion on my little property outside of Eugene.  He was .

Thank You…Thank You Very Much! (Props to Elvis)

Greetings to my friends, family and everyone in my business networks!  2012 was an amazing year and I’m grateful for all of the people who made this past year possible for Gary Dawson Designs. The site was launched in June of 2011 and began 2012 with only a half year of business activity under its belt and yet made huge strides throughout 2012.  In February, National Jeweler recognized Gary Dawson Designs with a feature .

Hey I think I know that guy!

The Tucson Gem and Mineral show is one of the biggest and most important annual jewelry industry events in the world and is definitely my favorite.   About this time of year my mail begins to flood with various show info and this post card from the American Gem Trade Association just arrived. Recognize anything?  I was unaware that an image of me teaching at the Tucson Convention Center two years ago would be a prominent .

New Rapid Prototyping Technology at Gary Dawson Designs!

Happy postprandial!  Now that we are through the rigors of tryptophan exhaustion and past our “Black Friday” avoidance routine, we are solidly on production.  Thank you for thinking of Gary Dawson Designs for your memorable gifts!   And late Thanksgiving day, I found yet another thing for which to be thankful.  The long-awaited B9Creator software was released in an upgraded Beta version that inspired me to take the plunge into Rapid Prototyping.  Please look .

The Three F’s!

No obligatory gifts and (usually) no unreasonable expectations…just the three F’s!  That’s family, friends and food…lots of food, and usually pretty good food at that.  And that is why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  And here’s a treat for you to consider as part of your T-day fare.  But of course there’s a backstory… I live very close to King Estate, one of the largest wine producers in Oregon.  They have a hilltop castle-like winery that .

3D Computer Aided Design Comes to Gary Dawson Designs!

One reason I love my job so much is the continued learning.  There’s so much to know about every aspect of making custom jewelry that I usually feel like I’ve only scratched the surface in the almost 40 years that I’ve been doing this!  And about 3 months ago I embarked on a fresh learning curve that will/has opened up a whole new era in my design process…3D CAD (That’s three dimensional Computer Aided .

Timely Topics….

The meaning of jewelry… I’ve heard it said that men buy jewelry for three reasons only…love, lust or guilt.  About flowers, that I might believe, but in my almost 40 years of working with people to design and make custom jewelry, I think that the shine and polish of jewelry reflects more of life than the low-hanging fruit of love, lust and guilt.  I have written about popular culture and jewelry, reflected in the .

“Talkin’ ‘bout food!” Or “Motorcycle Diaries” (apologies to Walter Salles)

This is another, “jump on bike and go” story…I hope you enjoy it! Having recently been unencumbered of self-imposed ideas of commitment, I noticed an upcoming window in the seemingly perpetual rain that we’re having here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, USA.  I had wanted to take a quick trip to Bend, (who wouldn’t want to go there!) about two hours from my home in Eugene for a couple of reasons.  Both of .

The fun of helping…sometimes we get to do research!

Recently, through a friend, I learned of a project on the Kickstarter site that piqued my interest.  It had to do with a new rapid prototyping system and Michael Joyce, the guy who was seeking funding on Kickstarter, for the B9Creator, had developed a system similar in some ways to existing technology, yet different enough, and simple enough that he was offering the complete machine for a funding pledge of something close to 1/10th .

A Selection of Interesting Projects…and a new “Available Now”!

Hello Friends! It’s been a whirlwind of activity since the launch of Gary Dawson Designs last June.  With not quite 10 months under the belt of this business model, I think we’ve managed to attract and execute some of the most interesting projects of my 37 years of designing meaningful jewelry for my exceptional clients.  Here’s one that presented an interesting challenge; a ring with a rotating top which features the client’s initial on .