Coupla neat new projects…

This first project illustrates the evolution of a custom, hand-carved pendant or charm. In this case, a client that likes the work he sees on my website approached me with the idea of re-creating the bracelet that Angelina Jolie fondled while dining with Johnny Depp in the movie “The Tourist”. Apparently the client’s wife had fallen in love with either the movie or the symbolism of the charm, which featured the Greek God, Janus; God of beginnings and portals. Heck, why not? I’m not one to “rip off” a design idea but I like the symbolism of the Janus charm myself, and I’m pretty sure that whatever patent the Greeks may have had on the image of their God has expired long ago. And since I was interested in reproducing the project, discussions with the client led me to reduce my normal custom fee to him and go through a couple of extra steps so that I can continue to produce this or some minor variation of it in silver or gold. Red Box provided the movie and I was off and running.
First thing was to slab some carving wax and rough out the image…

First I slabbed a section of hard carving wax and laid out the image.

Then add some detail…

Beginning to rough-out the carving...

Detail of finished faces...

From this finished carving I made a mold from which I could work to add the remaining detail of the charm as pictured in the movie. The charm in the movie had beading around the edge and a red gem on the back side. Here’s the finished wax model with beading…

Final wax prototype of charm for casting.

The rough casting…

Rough casting of Janus Pendant in 18K yellow gold

And the finished pendant…

Finished Janus pendant (front view)

In this case we selected a peridot for the back because it was the client’s wife’s birthstone.

Back of Janus pendant with peridot.

This next project came from London…through the client’s vacation in Italy! It’s fun working with people from all over the world. This is a color suite of corundum (sapphire and ruby) with a diamond. This project is also executed in 18K yellow gold.

18K necklace with corundum color suite and diamond!

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    1. Hi Jasmine,
      Thank you for your inquiry!
      I don’t work in non-precious metals but I do make the Janus pendant in Sterling Silver. I have a web special for the bracelet or pendant without a gemstone, but including a chain and shipping for $123.00. The gemstone options are fairly unlimited. Most gems would add about $65 to the silver pendant, diamond, ruby or other more expensive gems would be a little more. What gem are you interested in?
      All the best,
      Gary D

  1. Hey Gary,

    Amazing post. Never knew how the casting mold process worked. What an awesome craft. I would like to buy a chain with the Janus pendant in 18K gold no gemstone. Could you contact me via email?



  2. I saw your Janus charm on your website as I was searching for a bracelet that Angelina Jolie wore in the movie “The Tourist”. I got your website and found the charm and am interested in buying. Do you make it in gold? Can you tell me the cost for just the charm and it’s dimensions? I can be reached at the e-mail address above or at “ Please reply!

    1. Hi Angela,
      Yes, I do make the charm in gold and the dimension is around 19mm or just under 3/4 inch. I will respond to you via email with more details. Thanks!!

      1. Hello I am looking to buy the Janus charm in gold and sapphire if that is possible! Please let me know! Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Gary,

    i really love this pendant, i would like to purchase the janus pendant in gold with a ruby gem on the back, could i have your email so i can discuss with you the details of this item please?

    beautiful work by the way!!!


  4. hey gary:
    I am interested in ordering one of the Janus necklace in silver pendent with a Pearl at the back. Please contact me by email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! hope to hear from you soon ! thanks

    1. Hi, and thank you for your inquiry! I have messaged you via the email you included but blocked the email address here to protect you from possible spammers. Please let me know if you don’t receive my email this morning. Best, G

  5. Gary I am seriously impressed with your dedication to you craft. Your talent is simple staggering. How much would the pendant, bracelet with the peridot gemstone in gold be? How big are the links on the chain? Are they fairly small loops? It would be marvelous if you would take the time to email me the details as I have been looking for this kind of craftsmanship for a long time.

  6. Hi Gary,

    I would like to purchase the janus pendant in yellow gold with a ruby gem on the back, could you please email me so we discuss with you the details of this item?

  7. Hi Gary

    I am also interested in the Janus pendant on a gold chain with a ruby in the back. Can you email please

    Kind regards

  8. Hi,

    I’m really interested in this bracelet in gold, no gemstone.. Please drop me an email with more details !



  9. Hello,
    I have been trying to find this bracelet everywhere and came upon your website. I love the meaning of the pendant and would love to have one.I would love the bracelet with my birthstone on the back of april (crystal) I would love to hear from you!

  10. Good Day,
    I am interested in the Janas bracelet. Do you make it in white gold? If so, the price please. Are prices still the same as posted a year or so ago. Stone would be a red one.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Cindy, Thank you for your interest and yes, I can make this in white gold! I think prices are actually down a bit with the price of gold. I’ll email you now with specifics…
      Best Regards,

  11. Hi Gary,

    I’d like to get a price on the Janus bracelet in white gold and sterling silver. Can you please email me?

    Thank you kindly. 😉


  12. Hello, I would love to have the Janus in 18k gold with gold bracelet and ruby on the back. Please advice price and time it would take to make it.
    Thank you.
    Stephanie 305-965-1788

  13. Hi love the pendant.
    Can you give me prices for silver pendant with a black stone on the back and including the chain.
    Thanks 🙂

  14. Hello ! I just came across this website. I love the pendant you made with the peridot. That’s my birthstone ! I’d love to have a bracelet made with the Janus charm with a peridot. Could you tell me what the cost would be, I live in France, do you ship to Europe ?

    Best Regards


  15. Hey, really nice work, can you please tell me if you can do a silver pendant with a non precious stone? how much would it cost?

  16. Hello Gary

    Would you please tell me the price of a Janus rose gold bracelet with a garnet gem stone.

    Many thanks


  17. Hi Gary,

    I really love this pendant, i would like to purchase the janus pendant together with a bracelet with a amethyst gem at the back.Can i have your email address so i can discuss with you the details of this item please?Thank you in advance.

  18. Dear Gary,

    I like identical like Angelina had. How many time you need for duplicate ? What will be full cost of delivery to Poland.

    Best Regards,

  19. Hi,

    I would really like a quote for this in with a clear, crystal or pearl stone on the back. I am UK based but happy to pay shipping etc. Many Thanks in advance…..Heather

  20. Hey Gary,

    Absolutely in love with this!

    I have been looking for a quality Janus piece for years!!
    I would like some more information about costing on a silver copy of this with an aquamarine stone. I am London based so will have to include postage etc.

    Many thanks!


  21. Hi Gary,

    Would you be able to let me know the rough cost of the pendant in white gold with a bracelet with shipping to UK if poss?

    Thanks in advance.

  22. I like identical like Angelina had in the movie, “The Tourist”. How much and what would be the time frame?
    I appreciate your time.

  23. Hi Gary,

    I would love to purchase a Janus bracelet in sterling silver! Could you please email me to get details organized?

    Thanks so much,

  24. Gary, I LOVE your work! I would like to purchase the Janus bracelet. Could I get prices for this bracelet in silver with a sapphire and rose gold with a sapphire? I’m a bit torn on the metal I want. Thank you so much!

  25. Hi Gary,
    can you please give me a price on the gold junus pendant with ruby stone on back identical like angelina jolie,also what would shipping be to your work.thank you Nancy

  26. Please email me regarding the Janus bracelet in yellow or pink gold.
    I would like to have three made with the birthstones for February, March and July.
    Thank you

  27. Hi, I adore your work! these pendants are amazing..I’d like to buy a gold bracelet with a ruby gem on the backside. Would you answer me via email and inform about its cost? thx, good work!

  28. Hi Gary,

    I found this post when I was searching for the bracelet Angelina Jolie wore in ‘The Tourist’, and interested in buying one. But I prefer a yellow gold or rose gold, maybe with Garnet or Peridot on the back. Could you please reply me with detailed price?

    Best Max

  29. I would love to have this bracelet in the gold color in the picture and a emerald on the book. My email is and I would love information and paying options. Is there a way to pay online and track the order?

  30. Hello Gary!
    I would like to purchase the the Janus bracelet identical to the one Angelina Joline wore in “The Tourist”. You did a beautiful job and would like more information on:
    – detailed price (w/gem(ruby)
    -delivery time

  31. Hi Gary, I hope you’re well. Could I please have a price for silver bracelet with emerald I the back for the stone sent to Australia. Thank you

    1. Hi Michele,
      Thank you for your inquiry and I am replying to you via email. Please let me know if you don’t receive it very soon.
      Kind Regards,
      Gary D

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