Free Beer, Tomorrow! Get on Bike and Go…

With apologies to Mike I’m making this about the food in yet another “Get on Bike and Go” episode. I’m supposed to keep this blog “relevant” in the eyes of Google to attract clients to my custom jewelry design website, Gary Dawson Jewelry Design. And I’m pretty sure I’ve had a problem following rules since my earliest memories of toddling off to the outhouse so I’ll just go with the Free Beer Tomorrow theme .

36 Hours…

Almost 36 hours of time off!  Well, not completely off of course, when you work for yourself you’re always working in some manner or another.  But to put this in context, on one day last week I fielded 42 support and inquiry calls before I took a lunch break around 2pm…didn’t count the after-lunch crowd!  Gary Dawson Designs is rockin’ on!!  But on Saturday, after tending the garden… Alysia and I decided to get .

The Three F’s!

No obligatory gifts and (usually) no unreasonable expectations…just the three F’s!  That’s family, friends and food…lots of food, and usually pretty good food at that.  And that is why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  And here’s a treat for you to consider as part of your T-day fare.  But of course there’s a backstory… I live very close to King Estate, one of the largest wine producers in Oregon.  They have a hilltop castle-like winery that .