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“Talkin’ ‘bout food!” Or “Motorcycle Diaries” (apologies to Walter Salles)

This is another, “jump on bike and go” story…I hope you enjoy it! Having recently been unencumbered of self-imposed ideas of commitment, I noticed an upcoming window in the seemingly perpetual rain that we’re having here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, USA.  I had wanted to take a quick trip to Bend, (who wouldn’t want to go there!) about two hours from my home in Eugene for a couple of reasons.  Both of .

The fun of helping…sometimes we get to do research!

Recently, through a friend, I learned of a project on the Kickstarter site that piqued my interest.  It had to do with a new rapid prototyping system and Michael Joyce, the guy who was seeking funding on Kickstarter, for the B9Creator, had developed a system similar in some ways to existing technology, yet different enough, and simple enough that he was offering the complete machine for a funding pledge of something close to 1/10th .

A Selection of Interesting Projects…and a new “Available Now”!

Hello Friends! It’s been a whirlwind of activity since the launch of Gary Dawson Designs last June.  With not quite 10 months under the belt of this business model, I think we’ve managed to attract and execute some of the most interesting projects of my 37 years of designing meaningful jewelry for my exceptional clients.  Here’s one that presented an interesting challenge; a ring with a rotating top which features the client’s initial on .

Jewelry, Popular Culture…and The Hunger Games!

Well, we didn’t win the recent Mega-Millions lottery.  Mike, the fellow responsible for this awesome web site bought each of us one ticket and neither won anything.  Oh well, we agree that we’ve got too much to offer the world to languish in abject wealth! 😉 And ahh…The Hunger Games. As the people around me were absorbed into this trilogy by Suzanne Collins I stayed aloof…for a while.  I finally gave in so I could .


I love my semi-rural life and sometimes it provides for some interesting juxtapositions; particularly since I’ve started this internet-only business! So I went to bed early last night with the idea of getting up full of piss and vinegar and plowing through the final stages of an exciting project that I’ve been working on for some time now.  I woke up before daylight wondering why the heck it was so light outside…snow.  Not just .

Gary Dawson Designs…in the news!

  We are extending a hearty thanks to Michelle Graff (senior editor) and National Jeweler for taking an interest in Gary Dawson Designs!  About a week ago I had a very pleasant phone conversation with Ms. Graff and was aware that she planned a mention of my relatively new business model.  I was not aware that it would occupy such a prominent position on the National Jeweler website nor did I anticipate how well .

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show…arrival!

At some point, long after the inertial pressure of rapid acceleration has subsided and you have felt the familiar bump of wheels retracting into the fuselage below you…sometime after electronic devices everywhere around you are employed with various movies, games , novels and music, you begin to get the sense that you aren’t going to die on this particular flight.  It happens at different times on different flights, but a comfort sets in.  It’s .

Tucson Show…what a gem!

Tucson 2012 is Coming Up Soon! – The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is more than “a” show. This year it is 31 separate venues and remains the largest annual conclave of gem and mineral dealers in the world. I wrote the book on the event… well, wrote the article anyway. Published in the January, 2003 issue of AJM Magazine (Now MJSA Journal) “The Tucson Survival Guide” is still used by industry professionals to .

The Best Projects *Make* Stories Too!

Welcome to the New Year!  Launched in early June of 2011, Gary Dawson Designs has made some amazing friends while working on incredible projects these past months.  With only a few months active marketing of this site under our  belt we have already shipped to three continents and have developed clients in almost every state ofthe USA.  It was a leap of faith to launch this site after some 36 years of traditional brick-and-mortar .