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4 Days…Well, less than one, really.

This is fun! The site went active late on Saturday the 4th of this month, 4 days ago. Only a few people knew about it until yesterday, mid afternoon when we announced it on my personal facebook profile. Already we have (as of mid day today, not quite 24 hours) logged 134 unique visitors in 4 countries with almost 600 page views. A couple of people have reported that the gallery has been blank .

Red, green or Christmas?

Red, green or Christmas? When I first heard that question at a breakfast joint in Taos, I was momentarily perplexed. By the time I left New Mexico a few days later, just after the Santa Fe Symposium, I had come to expect it. SFS always brings a plethora of new and unique experiences. It’s all about the science of making jewelry but for me it is a lot more than that. It is the .