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The Best Projects *Make* Stories Too!

Welcome to the New Year!  Launched in early June of 2011, Gary Dawson Designs has made some amazing friends while working on incredible projects these past months.  With only a few months active marketing of this site under our  belt we have already shipped to three continents and have developed clients in almost every state ofthe USA.  It was a leap of faith to launch this site after some 36 years of traditional brick-and-mortar .

The Best Projects Have Stories…addendum

We’ve been as busy as the late summer bees at Gary Dawson Designs.  Responding to all of your inquiries, processing orders and then settling down into my studio, with the fireplace roaring in the ever colder days is such a pleasure, and it has allowed little time to keep up with this blog. However, the best stories, like the best projects, have happy endings and I want to share this one with you. In .

Spotlight on Toys! Ah…I mean Tools, Yeah that’s it…Tools!

Boys need their toys. I’m sure girls do to, but since I’m a boy and have worked with my hands (and my head and heart) for my entire adult life, I must grin at the old saying about boys.  This post will highlight three interesting tools in the Gary Dawson Designs studio. Laser Welder: I bought my first laser welder (which stayed with my old company when I sold it) quite a few years .

New Consignment Page (and a culinary adventure, of course!)

Saturday afternoon…Weather Underground forecasts rain after midnight and a look at rapidly approaching “change-o-weather” clouds confirms.  This scrubs climb of Mt. Washington tentatively planned for the weekend.  I’m an adventurer, but heck, I’m still working on my tan so don’t have a huge desire to go climb crumbly rock in a rain/show shower.  After taking down the tipi and getting it stored for the winter, I impulsively decide that a longer ride is in .

Some moments are meant to be perfect: Golden Orb and Silver Shadow

It didn’t take me long to realize that the fuel attendant was clueless, but after a couple of minutes of prodding I was able to gain the sense that I was, indeed, on the right track.  And sure enough, at the highpoint of the overpass he mentioned as  he directed me to another restaurant, I looked over my right shoulder and there it was, almost as I had remembered.  The clam strips weren’t super, .

Past, Present, and Future!

Gary Dawson Designs is very pleased to announce the launch of two new products, both now in production and sitting pretty in the available now page on the site. The development of the Janus charm is detailed my last blog post. The Greek God Janus, brought into contemporary consciousness via the movie “The Tourist” with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie has come to have special meaning to me personally as the God of new .

Coupla neat new projects…

This first project illustrates the evolution of a custom, hand-carved pendant or charm. In this case, a client that likes the work he sees on my website approached me with the idea of re-creating the bracelet that Angelina Jolie fondled while dining with Johnny Depp in the movie “The Tourist”. Apparently the client’s wife had fallen in love with either the movie or the symbolism of the charm, which featured the Greek God, Janus; .

Sorry to Spoil You…

Meat loaf may not have much to do with handmade custom jewelry but (despite what you may be thinking) it can have everything to do with excellence…and there’s the connection. I have this friend; call her a close friend. Actually, the same friend of the previously mentioned food fight. She grew up vegetarian but at some point in her life decided that she was going to eat meat. One could almost say that now .

The Best Projects Have Stories!

Here’s a fun story and a neat, currently in-progress project. The story, which you will see turns out well, starts with a divorce. Not acrimonious, the parties involved have agreed to co-parent in the best interests of their child, now 8 years old. The mother often brings her child to Oregon to visit her parents and was visiting in Southern Oregon during this recent 4th of July holiday. Having previously made contact with me .

Always Somethin’!

Sunday, I wake up late…9:30 is very late for me. I have a headache despite having not abused myself with the consumption of alcohol the night before. Too much sleep? I activate my phone to find a text from the night before. I should have left my phone on; having received that text when it was sent would have made my day. And by the time my kids get up just a little later, .